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Do I Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction?

Whenever you are faced with a sudden dental issue, such as a physical injury or the rapid spread of decay that has caused an infection, it may warrant a trip to the emergency dentist. Emergency dentistry provides much-needed services and urgent treatments for those who have ended up in a serious dental situation. So, do you need an emergency tooth extraction?

Do I Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction?

Anyone who has visited their emergency and cosmetic dentistry experts will know that tooth extractions are only performed as a last resort when the tooth absolutely cannot be saved in any other way. While tooth extractions are not always considered an emergency, special situations may occur. Today, your local dentists will answer a pressing question: Do I need an emergency tooth extraction?

How Tooth Extractions Work

When the dentist performs a tooth extraction, they only do so as a final option. Extractions are never a go-to solution for dental damage, decay, or infection. However, if extraction is deemed necessary, the dentist will perform it by pulling out your tooth. You will be sedated with a local anesthetic so you do not feel anything during the process, and your teeth will be completely removed by the time the procedure is complete.

Your dentist will schedule a follow-up appointment with you to determine whether you will want to fill that gap with dental bridges, dental bonding, or a dental implant. It is important not to leave the gap open for too long as your jawbone can start to deteriorate.

When is a Tooth Extraction Considered a Dental Emergency?

In common situations, the dentist will schedule a future appointment for you to return for a tooth extraction. But emergency situations may dictate that a tooth must be extracted within 1-2 days following the injury or sudden event. Maybe the injury is putting your oral health at risk and you are going through unbearable pain. Then your dentist may suggest that you get an emergency tooth extraction right away. You will be able to get your tooth removed in 24 hours following your injury.

Do Dental Emergencies Cost More?

Emergency dentistry can often be more costly than regular dental appointments. That occurs since the dentist has less time to prepare for the procedure. For the most part, your dentist will not recommend an emergency treatment unless absolutely necessary to your overall health. Some dental procedures do not stay covered by insurance. But others may have their prices reduced based on your plan.

While it is understandable that you want to avoid costly procedures, if your dentist is suggesting that you get emergency work done, then you should follow their advice ASAP. The longer you wait to treat your tooth, the worse your symptoms will get, leading to even more expensive procedures down the line.

Getting Ahold of Your Emergency Dentist

You don’t have to wait until you are faced with a dental issue to find out where you can go in the event that something does occur. Find out where your local emergency dental office is and research the types of services they provide. If you ever run into a situation where you have an accident and injure your tooth, you will know where to go right away. It is always a good idea to have your issues addressed ASAP. Even if you don’t necessarily require emergency treatment.

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