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Dental radiographs are dental X-rays that can diagnose pediatric dental health issues. Pediatric dentists can diagnose tooth decay, cavities, misalignment issues, bone injuries, and bone diseases with dental radiograph exams.
Dental X-rays are utilized to:
  • Evaluate tooth spacing for adult teeth
  • Assessing baby teeth growth
  • Diagnosing bone disease or tooth decay
  • Creating a pediatric treatment plan
  • Identifying bone injuries, abscesses, and tumors
  • View impacted wisdom teeth

Pediatric Dental X-ray Exams

Dental X-ray exams depend on the patient’s individual case, the risk for dental diseases, and risk for orthodontic issues. The pediatric dentist will work with the parents to discuss the number of X-ray appointments required. Children with low risk of dental diseases or issues typically require dental X-rays every one to two years. Children with dental injuries or trauma should undergo an X-ray examination as soon as possible.
Dental radiographs are child-safe. Pediatric dentists take every precaution to ensure the child is safe when undergoing an X-ray examination. The dentist will cover the child in a lead apron and shields to protect the body from any harmful exposure.