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Why Not to Ignore Tooth Loss

Teeth going into a trash can after tooth loss

Losing a tooth is a jarring experience. We take our teeth for granted to the extent that many of us fall short when it comes to proper oral healthcare, but we never expect to actually lose a tooth. In reality, …

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Is Gum Disease a Dental Emergency?

Woman with gum disease who needs a dental emergency

Gum disease is a serious condition that can lead to bone loss as well as permanent tooth loss. Fortunately, gum disease doesn’t usually require emergency dentistry in Bloomington. Gum disease develops over time, typically taking years to cause irreversible damage. …

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Why Choose One Dentist for Your Whole Family

Family that decided to choose one dentist for their whole family.

If you have growing children, then a family dentist is an absolute must. Going to one dentist for your entire family’s needs isn’t just more efficient for you. The benefits of using one family dentist will also likely improve the …

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Common Dental Care for Kids

Child brushing teeth asking about common dental care for kids

Teaching children how to properly care for their teeth can be a struggle. You can explain it to them, show them the proper technique, and model proper hygiene yourself. Still, there are going to be moments when your child doesn’t …

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Top Ways You Can Replace Teeth

Man wanting to replace teeth after losing one.

Replacing a tooth is never ideal, but it’s a relatively common need. Whether through accident, aging, or lapses in dental hygiene people have teeth extracted and replaced all the time. Fortunately, your Valley Alder dentist in Bloomington is more than …

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Can Dental Fillings Decay?

Woman at dentist with pain wondering if dental fillings can decay.

As a category, dental fillings tend to last around ten years before they have to be replaced. However, this lifespan can vary by a few years depending on the material used in the filling. You can generally maximize the lifespan …

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Helping Your Child with Dental Anxiety

Child with dental anxiety.

Dental anxiety is a common problem for people of all ages, but it can be especially difficult for young children. They aren’t old enough to understand the necessity of their dental visits, and they are more likely to lose control …

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The Importance of Starting Oral Hygiene Young

Girl flossing and starting oral hygiene young.

Teaching children proper oral hygiene isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, it is necessary for safeguarding their future. Your child could begin losing their baby teeth and developing their adult teeth as early as six or seven years of age. At that …

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Are Teeth Implants Safe?

Young woman smiling holding a model of dental implants.

Dental implants act like prosthetic teeth. They essentially replace every part of your natural tooth from root to cusp, so placing them is a pretty extensive process. That being said, your Bloomington dentist has been carefully trained to perform the …

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Should I Go to the ER or the Dentist?

Dental emergencies can occur in many different forms. They may result from grinding your teeth, biting into something too hard, or direct trauma. Regardless of the cause, any serious damage to a tooth can put you at risk of a …

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