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Guide to Find the Best Prosthodontist

A prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in restorative treatments involving the use of prosthetics. Anyone with missing, broken, or severely damaged teeth is likely going to experience a dip in their overall quality of life, as increasing oral health issues lead to an inability to eat, chew, smile, or even speak without pain. Restorative treatments involving implants, dentures, and partial dentures are available through a trusted prosthodontic dentist near you. Below, we have our guide to find the best prosthodontist.

Guide to Find the Best Prosthodontist

Before choosing the right professional to get the job done right, you can follow our quick guide to find the best prosthodontist in the area. You will want to make sure your dentist has certain qualifications and experiences that promise the best results.

What Treatments Do Prosthodontists Perform?

A certified prosthodontist can perform all the regular treatments that a general dentist can. For example, they can do routine check-ups, fill cavities, clean teeth, and make recommendations for the best dental procedures. A prosthodontist can also perform some of the more complicated or intensive treatments that patients might require after years of dental damage or injury.

The right prosthodontist will be the perfect specialist to visit when you need dentures, crowns, implants, or any treatment that requires oral surgery. They are the most highly skilled professionals in these areas, so it is important to find someone with experience and knowledge you can trust.

What Accreditation Should Prosthodontists Have?

As more highly specialized individuals than regular dentists, prosthodontists are required to have different levels of accreditation after finishing dental school. Typically, prosthodontists are trained by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry or a similarly accredited organization. They will then receive a specialty Prosthodontics credit issued by the American Dental Association.

You can always ask a dental professional to see a list of their certifications and degrees before you make your final decision. If a prosthodontist has been recommended to you, feel free to do your own research on the person before visiting them.

What Problems Can Prosthodontists Solve?

Not every dental health issue needs to be referred to a prosthodontist. However, there are many procedures that only they can perform. It is best to understand not only your dental symptoms but where they came from in the first place. You might be referred to a prosthodontic specialist when you have missing or severely broken teeth. They will want you to have implants or dentures right away, as gaps between teeth can cause bone density loss over time.

Additionally, prosthodontists can perform a number of cosmetic procedures. If you are looking to change, refresh, and improve the look of your smile, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to research and meet with your local prosthodontist. Many of our restorative treatments offer both functional and aesthetic improvements to anyone who misses the feeling of loving their smile.

Knowing the Right Move for Your Dental Health

Staying on top of your oral health needs is imperative, as prolonging your dental issues can only worsen matters. If you are struggling to eat or speak properly after suffering from a dental injury, this is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with your local prosthodontist. The sooner you make an appointment, the easier it will be to restore full functionality to your mouth and get your oral health back on the right track.

Valley Alder provides a full range of professional prosthodontics in Bloomington, offering services such as dental implants, crowns, veneers, dentures, bridges, and more. If you are struggling with advanced dental issues and you want to set up a treatment plan before your symptoms get worse, get in touch with our friendly experts today.