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Top 6 Signs to Replace Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns are used to restore damaged teeth, protect weak teeth, or improve their appearance. Dental crowns are securely bonded with your teeth using special dental bonding material. They function and look just like your natural teeth and typically serve …

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How to Manage Sensitive Teeth After Whitening

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Whitening is a popular procedure as it can noticeably change the appearance of your teeth for the better. Sometimes, teeth can become as much as 4 to 8 shades brighter. Teeth whitening is used in cases when teeth become stained …

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10 Tips to Prevent Dental Veneers from Breaking

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Dental veneers can add sheen and sparkle to teeth that may have become stained or dull over time. For this reason, they’re one of the most popular options for patients who are looking to have restorative work done on their …

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Can Dental Crowns Fall Out?

concept of crowns fall out off tooth

Dental crowns protect and support a tooth that cannot stand up to the wear and tear of daily use on its own. They are most commonly used when tooth decay has damaged a tooth to an extent where using a …

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Teeth Whitening Aftercare Guide

Woman smiling after teeth whitening aftercare

Professional teeth whitening is the most effective way to strip away years of stains in a single day. Keep in mind that teeth whitening is not for everyone. But a teeth whitening aftercare guide will prove essential if you receive …

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My Veneer Chipped: Now What?

concept image of a veneer chipped and replaced

Dental veneers are pretty sturdy, but they can chip under certain circumstances.What happens when you chip a veneer will depend on the severity of the chip and the base material of your veneer. So, my veneer chipped. Now what? My …

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Can Veneers Break?

Patient with veneers that can break

Dental veneers are one of the most powerful tools in cosmetic dentistry. They can do so much, but they aren’t impervious to damage. Veneers can easily last more than ten years with appropriate care, but it is possible for them …

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Why Not to Ignore Tooth Loss

Teeth going into a trash can after tooth loss

Losing a tooth is a jarring experience. We take our teeth for granted to the extent that many of us fall short when it comes to proper oral healthcare, but we never expect to actually lose a tooth. In reality, …

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The Causes of Thin Enamel

The outermost layer of your teeth is composed of a highly mineralized, semi-translucent material called enamel. This layer is responsible for protecting your teeth, and it is the hardest naturally occurring substance in your body. But there are plenty of …

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