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Porcelain Inlays

An inlay restoration is composed of composite material, gold, or porcelain. At Valley Alder Family Dentistry, we offer porcelain inlays that will closely match the color of the patient’s tooth. Porcelain inlays are made by our dental professionals in our laboratory and are permanently cemented onto the tooth by Dr. Alpesh K. Patel.
Inlays are a conservative option used to repair teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay or trauma. Inlays may also be utilized to treat teeth that have issues with current fillings. Inlays are an ideal option for patients who wish to avoid silver and composite fillings.
Inlays are durable and can last years if taken care of properly. This treatment is not permanent and may require replacing after a specific amount of time. Patients can extend the life of their inlays with routine check-ups at Valley Alder Family Dentistry.
Patients may need inlay restorations due to:
  • Broken/fractured teeth
  • Cosmetic reasons
  • Tooth decay
  • Issues with fillings
  • Large fillings

What is the inlay process?

The inlay treatment is completed in two appointments. During the first appointment, impressions of the patient’s teeth will be taken to create a temporary restoration and the custom inlay.
The dentist will numb the tooth to remove any tooth decay or old fillings. Then the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared to shape the tooth to fit the inlay restoration. A temporary filling will be placed on the tooth while the customized inlay is being made.
During the second appointment, the new inlay will be placed and cemented onto the tooth. The dentist may make a few adjustments to the inlay restoration to ensure that the inlay is properly placed and comfortable for the patient.
Patients will receive care instructions following the inlay treatment. With good oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits, patients can preserve the life of the dental inlay.

Porcelain Onlays

An onlay restoration is a customized filling made of composite material, gold, or porcelain. Valley Alder Family Dentistry offers patients tooth-colored porcelain onlays. An onlay is also known as a partial crown. Dental professionals at Valley Alder Family Dentistry laboratory create customized porcelain onlays for patients.
The onlay treatment is used to treat teeth that have tooth decay, defective fillings, or tooth damage due to a traumatic injury. Onlays are an alternative treatment to crowns (caps). Onlays require less of the tooth structure to be removed in comparison to a crowns (caps) treatment. Onlays differ from inlays in that onlays cover a cusp of the tooth and inlays fill the area between the cusp. Onlays are not a permanent treatment and may require future replacement.
Reasons for an onlay restoration:
  • Broken/fractured teeth
  • Cosmetic reasons
  • Tooth decay
  • Issues with fillings
  • Large fillings
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The Onlay Process

The onlay procedure is completed in two appointments at Valley Alder Family Dentistry. The first appointment will include making impressions to create the temporary restoration and custom onlay.
The dentist will numb the tooth and remove any tooth decay or old fillings on the tooth. The dentist will then clean the tooth and prepare it for the onlay. A temporary filling will be applied to the tooth while the onlay is customized in the lab.
During the second visit, the onlay will be cemented into place. The dentist will adjust the restoration to ensure the fit and comfortability of the onlay. The paitent will receive care instructions once the treatment has been completed. Onlay life can be preserved through routine dental visits and good oral hygiene.