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Tooth decay in children can lead to premature tooth loss and childhood periodontal disease. Dental sealants are crucial in preventing childhood cavities and tooth decay. Parents should also schedule dental check-ups for children to keep smiles healthy. During these appointments, the parents can learn more about how to avoid tooth decay with proper home care and routine check-ups.

How do sealants work?

Dental sealants are utilized to protect molars from oral bacteria and harmful oral acids. Molars are in the back of the mouth and can be difficult to reach when brushing teeth which can lead to tooth decay. The pediatric dentist will assess the child’s molars to see if they are at high risk for tooth decay. If the child is at risk, the dentist may apply a coat of dental sealant to the area of concern. The sealant will protect the tooth from oral bacteria.

Dental sealant process

The pediatric dentist will begin the treatment by cleaning and preparing the molars for the dental sealant. The sealant solution will be bright pink when wet and the clear down when dry. The bright pink color helps the dentist fill and coat all pits and fissures. Once the tooth is coated, the sealant will be left to harden or be cured by a blue spectrum natural light. Dental sealants can be monitored with biannual appointments.