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Top 7 Myths About Dentures

Dentures have a huge reputation for being old-fashioned, inconvenient, and hardly useful dental devices that are an embarrassment to carry around with you. While the media likes to portray any kind of dental device as a bad thing, our full-service dentist in Bloomington knows that dentures can actually be a huge boost to overall oral health. Let’s see our top 7 myths about dentures.

Top 7 Myths About Dentures

Today, we want to bust the top 7 myths about dentures that are giving these helpful restorative dentistry solutions a bad name. Take a look at this list and get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more about replacing your missing teeth.

You Can’t Eat with Dentures

Many people are worried that once they have dentures on, they won’t be able to eat or chew their favorite foods. While the new devices can take some getting used to, they will ultimately feel comfortable and secure enough to use as if they were your real teeth. You should be able to eat regularly in no time.

Your Dentures Fall Out Often

There is a huge fear that as soon as you open your mouth to speak, your dentures will fall right out of your mouth. This embarrassing moment is hardly close to the truth, though, because any well-fitted dentures should remain in your mouth no matter what. If they are properly installed, dentures should stay in your mouth while you eat and talk.

Dentures Last Forever

One pair of dentures comes custom-built to your preferences and can last for many years. Though that depends on how well you maintain them. A lot of our dental patients get to enjoy the same set of dentures for up to 10 years. However, they are not built to last forever. Depending on the age of the dentures and the age of your mouth, you might need a replacement at some point in the future.

Only Elderly Folks Use Dentures

Dentures are always associated with old age, poor dental health, and an overall loss of dignity. These remain untrue facts. They do not apply to everybody who gets dentures. In fact, this could not prove further from the truth. Studies show that across the world, over 19% of all people wear dentures. True, many folks who wear dentures are over the age of 40. Still, they do not remain exclusive to old age. Dentures prove available for anybody who has one or more gaps of missing teeth. They prove a restorative solution to help them regain full functionality in their mouth.

You Never Need to Brush Your Teeth

Wearing dentures means you don’t have to brush and floss your natural teeth, right? Actually, this remains very wrong. Not only do you need to clean and maintain your dentures on a regular basis But you also should not ignore your own natural teeth. You should still floss, brush, and rinse your mouth to the best of your ability before and after wearing your dentures.

You Have to Choose Between Dentures and Implants

Many people assume that when you have dentures, you can’t receive implants. True, some patients may have to get dentures because they do not have the bone mass to support implants. Still, that doesn’t mean that dentures immediately prevent you from implants in the future. In fact, there exist implant-supported dentures that offer a semi-permanent solution. It proves ideal for those who like the flexibility of dentures with the longevity of dental implants.

Dentures Just Don’t Look Good

Your dentures are designed around the shape, structure, and design of your face. Poorly-constructed and even more poorly-installed dentures might look fake or misshapen. But many modern dentures look completely natural. At Valley Alder, we create exceptional partial and full dentures made to look exactly like your natural teeth. Using a composite material, these dentures prove built to work with your mouth rather than adding to it in an undesirable way.

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