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Why Choose One Dentist for Your Whole Family

If you have growing children, then a family dentist is an absolute must. Going to one dentist for your entire family’s needs isn’t just more efficient for you. The benefits of using one family dentist will also likely improve the way your family experiences dental care. So let’s look at why to choose one dentist for your whole family.

Why Choose One Dentist for Your Whole Family

When it comes to your kids, that improved experience could be the difference between a lifetime of bad habits and taking proper care of their teeth well into adulthood. Ultimately, trusting your family dentist in Bloomington with all of your family’s needs is the best choice for everyone in your family.

Saving You Time

The American Dental Association advises patients to see their dentist once every six months. Even if you only have a three-person household, that’s six appointments per year. You could schedule appointments with a general dentist and a pediatric dentist separately, but that will likely stretch your schedule to the breaking point even if you only have one child.

Entrusting one family dental practice with your household’s oral health means you can make one trip and get all of your family’s appointments out of the way with minimal effort. Of course, larger families should consider booking in advance to improve their chances of getting all of their appointments stacked together. Still, scheduling in advance is better for managing your schedule anyway.

Modeling Behavior for Your Children

Giving your child an opportunity to watch you interact with your dentist is a major plus. This is a golden opportunity to model calm behavior so that they learn seeing the dentist isn’t a big deal. If your dental hygienist and dentist are willing, ask them to actively describe to you what they’re doing and why during your visit.

When you’re able, engage in this conversation with them. Allowing your child to watch you interact with the staff in this way will build a foundation of trust and understanding for your child without any of the pressure or anxiety that may exist when they are receiving treatment themselves. At a family dental practice, creating these moments is easy.

Building Long Term Relationships

You can certainly transfer dental records whenever you need to, but no one will know your family’s dental history better than your family dentist in Bloomington. Unlike a general dentist, your Bloomington dentist will be able to help care for your children’s teeth through the entire time they live in the area.

Over time your family dentist will get to know your child better than many of your extended family members. They’ll know when they got their first cavity and whether or not teeth cleaning makes them anxious. It’s a benefit with no clear measurement. But it’s invaluable to the relationship your family builds with a family dentist over decades.

Dealing with Childhood Anxiety

Going to the dentist is a big deal for young children. They’re put into a strange environment with weird smells and new people. Then someone they don’t know puts their hands in your child’s mouth. Even without all the machines you can understand why the dentist may scare your child. Fortunately, your family dentist deals with children every day.

Thanks to their experience, your family dentist is more likely to be calm and patient with your child. Plus they will have built-up tips and tricks for taking the edge off childhood anxiety in their office. With the help of you modeling positive interactions, you and your family dentist can nip your child’s early anxieties in the bud.

The Right Dentist for Your Family

Finding a family dentist that works well for your family is one of the best things you can do to protect your family’s long-term oral health. By making the process straightforward and stress-free, your family dentist will help you to free up time and energy for the things you enjoy in life.