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Signs of Broken Fillings

concept image of broken fillings

Dental fillings are a common tool used to fill in the gaps left after your dentist in Bloomington has removed areas of tooth decay. On average, you can expect your dental fillings to last between 7 and 15 years as …

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Teeth Whitening Aftercare Guide

Woman smiling after teeth whitening aftercare

Professional teeth whitening is the most effective way to strip away years of stains in a single day. Keep in mind that teeth whitening is not for everyone. But a teeth whitening aftercare guide will prove essential if you receive …

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My Veneer Chipped: Now What?

concept image of a veneer chipped and replaced

Dental veneers are pretty sturdy, but they can chip under certain circumstances.What happens when you chip a veneer will depend on the severity of the chip and the base material of your veneer. So, my veneer chipped. Now what? My …

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Choosing Your Dental Fillings Material

dental fillings material options 3d image

Choosing the right dental filling material isn’t always easy. There are so many options, and each choice has a list of pros and cons. You can always choose to just trust your dentist’s recommendation, but making an informed decision with …

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Can Veneers Break?

Patient with veneers that can break

Dental veneers are one of the most powerful tools in cosmetic dentistry. They can do so much, but they aren’t impervious to damage. Veneers can easily last more than ten years with appropriate care, but it is possible for them …

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Reasons for Kids to See A Dentist

Kid at the dentist smiling

Going to see the dentist can be tricky with children. It’s a new experience with strange sights, sounds, and sensations. Knowing when your child should be seeing a dentist is an advantage for new parents, but it is even better …

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Why Not to Ignore Tooth Loss

Teeth going into a trash can after tooth loss

Losing a tooth is a jarring experience. We take our teeth for granted to the extent that many of us fall short when it comes to proper oral healthcare, but we never expect to actually lose a tooth. In reality, …

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Is Gum Disease a Dental Emergency?

Woman with gum disease who needs a dental emergency

Gum disease is a serious condition that can lead to bone loss as well as permanent tooth loss. Fortunately, gum disease doesn’t usually require emergency dentistry in Bloomington. Gum disease develops over time, typically taking years to cause irreversible damage. …

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Why Choose One Dentist for Your Whole Family

Family that decided to choose one dentist for their whole family.

If you have growing children, then a family dentist is an absolute must. Going to one dentist for your entire family’s needs isn’t just more efficient for you. The benefits of using one family dentist will also likely improve the …

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Common Dental Care for Kids

Child brushing teeth asking about common dental care for kids

Teaching children how to properly care for their teeth can be a struggle. You can explain it to them, show them the proper technique, and model proper hygiene yourself. Still, there are going to be moments when your child doesn’t …

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