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The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Very few people look forward to their dental appointments. It’s just something else that takes up time in an already busy schedule. But there is a significant importance of regular dental visits to the top dentist Bloomington has around.

However, you may not realize just how vital those visits are for your health in general. The truth is that your oral health is linked to several other systems, and if something goes seriously wrong, it could cause serious problems. A bad infection could spread to your bone or even get into the bloodstream, which is highly dangerous. Therefore, visiting your dentist every six months is recommended to keep your oral health in check.

What Happens During a Dental Exam?

The importance of regular dental visits is pretty clear once you realize what’s at stake. However, if it’s been a while since your last visit, then you may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect. During a routine dental exam and cleaning, you may have to spend 10 to 30 minutes in the waiting room. Your dentist’s office will work their hardest to keep their wait times short, but emergencies and more extensive procedures can sometimes result in a delay. To prepare, make sure you bring a book or digital game to keep you occupied and stave off nerves.

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Getting Cleaning and Treatment

Once a room is available, a dental assistant or hygienist will lead you to your seat. In many cases, your dental cleaning will come first. Before getting started, feel free to ask your dental hygienist any questions you may have at that time. They will generally brush and floss for you, giving you helpful tips for improvement along the way. Then they will use specialized tools to remove excess plaque and give you a fluoride treatment if you’re due. If you are uncomfortable at any point, calmly signal for them to give you a moment.

After the dental cleaning, you will likely meet with your dentist. At this point, you can expect to have x-rays done, which will help your dentist determine the current condition of your teeth. By looking at your teeth and consulting your x-rays, they will be able to tell you if any areas require further treatment.

The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

The purpose of regular cleanings and dental exams is two-fold.

Regular cleanings are preventative. Most of us are going to make mistakes in our oral hygiene because we aren’t professionals. By seeing a hygienist every six months, we can undo some of that damage, learn how to better care for our teeth, and reduce the risk of developing a serious medical condition.

X-rays are necessary to diagnosing potential problems before they cause you pain or lead to even more serious conditions. Your dentist might be able to see a cavity forming on the outside of your tooth if they’re lucky, but much of your tooth is not visible to the naked eye. An x-ray helps them to see the entirety of all your teeth and the surrounding bone, allowing them to catch a health condition early.

Why Every Six Months?

Every six months may seem a bit arbitrary, but it’s based on the guidelines provided by the American Dental Association. The general idea is that the exams occur frequently enough to prevent serious gum disease, tooth decay, or another medical condition from getting out of hand in between scheduled appointments. That being said, every six months is actually considered the minimum. For patients who struggle with gum disease or another oral health condition, your dentist at Valley Alder Family Dentistry may even suggest more frequent visits to keep an eye on your condition.